Fit and slim for the New Year: a popular resolution many make. The Ashoka Ayurveda Health Centre on Madeira offers its guests an exclusive offer to start the new year full of energy. Due to high demand in January, we offer additional Ayurvedic treatments at the traditional Quinta Santa Luzia estate, the headquarters of the Ashoka Therapy Centre in Funchal. Here guests can expect authentic Ayurveda in an historic and exclusive setting.

Ayurvedic treatments at Quinta Santa Luzia on Madeira

Especially at the beginning of the year, many seek to push the reset button to bring their bodies back into balance. This is hardly surprising. As our world continues to turn ever faster, with burnout, the winter blues, and everyday depression taking hold all too often, Ayurvedic wisdom can serve as a sensible stronghold because it respects how body, mind, and soul interact with one another. And not just when it comes to acute physical complaints.

Madeira Island, a two-hour flight from mainland Portugal, is the ideal place to escape winter and the stresses of everyday life and give your body time to recuperate and regenerate. At Quinta Santa Luzia, not far from Funchal, Birgit Moukom and her team of specialists will be offering additional Ayurvedic treatments from 6 January to 2 February 2018. Quinta de Santa Luzia is a traditional agricultural estate still in operation. The villa and its garden are full of history and charm and the ambience exudes an Old World elegance. The villa enjoys an exclusive location with incomparable views over the Bay of Funchal. It has 8 doubles and one single and can accommodate up to 17 guests at a time.

Additional offers at Quinta Santa Luzia from 6 January to 2 February 2018

Panchakarma: Ayurvedic Detox

The classic Ayurvedic cleansing treatment is designed to rid all of your body’s tissues of metabolic toxins and chemical and drug residues. This treatment is thus the best prevention against diseases and is the best treatment for countering the effects of ageing. The cleanse helps to activate and strengthen your body’s power to heal itself, especially from chronic diseases. The Panchakarma treatment should be booked for at least 11 days. The cost is €2,830 per person including Ayurvedic treatment and full room & board. Each additional day costs €283 per person.

Rasayana: Ayurvedic Relaxation Treatment

Rasayana is the Sanskrit word for “rejuvenation”. It is designed to help your body relax and recuperate. The finely tuned treatments regenerate the body and restore balance to your soul. The focus of this Ayurvedic treatment is your physical and emotional well-being. Bookable for at least 7 days at €1,425 per person including Ayurvedic treatment and full room & board. Each additional day costs €219 per person.

Weight Management with Ayurveda

The aim of the experts at Ashoka is for each guest achieve and maintain a healthy weight with the help of this Ayurvedic treatment. The combination of Eastern and Western medicine, personalised treatments, and careful nutrition make healthy weight loss possible. Birgit Moukom’s team of experts develops an optimal health plan for you, which will restore your digestive balance and metabolism. This plan is also a practical tool you can take home with you that will allow you to restore your body to optimal health over the long term. Sigrid Höpken will be on hand as a psychotherapist and coach to support the entire treatment process with the Easy Weight method. Bookable for at least 7 days at €1,990 per person including Ayurvedic treatment, coaching, and full room & board. Each additional day costs €313 per person.

Enjoy our exclusive New Year’s Deals on Madeira, just a few hours’ flight from the Continent.

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