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Your Ayurveda Holiday on Madeira / Portugal: Well Being and Relaxation

To achieve our goal of rediscovering the true nature of our self, we work with the ancient healing art of Ayurveda. You will find our quiet and relaxing Ashoka spa as well as the treatment centre on the Portuguese island of Madeira. We have a wide variety of different treatments in the form of Ayurveda-treatments and Spa-treatments, our approach includes all aspects of life and offer a great new experience on many levels.

Additionally, we offer an Ayurveda online consultation that allows you to interact with our expert regardless of your location.

Ashoka is the Sanskrit word for “without sorrow”. Ashoka creates joy. Ashoka is being, knowledge and bliss. We chose this to be our main theme, since we believe that joy and bliss are key factors in a good treatment.


Ayurveda online consultation

Our consultation packages offer individual and personal support before and after your Ayurveda cure.

Holistic, Competent & According to Western Quality Standards: Ayurveda on Madeira/Portugal

Our Ashoka Treatment centre and spa’s offer a holistic service with doctors and therapists who will advise and treat you competently and sensitively according to western standards.

We guarantee comprehensive healing and regeneration. Restore your inner nature to balance on one of our Ayurveda holidays, which describe participants as intense, special experiences.



We believe that real well-being goes beyond a great massage. With us, you decide whether you want to invigorate, nurture, relax, or recharge your batteries.

Birgit Moukom, Owner


Birgit Moukom, Inhaberin

On the following pages, you will find information about our Ayurveda-treatments and  Wellness-treatments.

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