A holiday at a wellness hotel on Madeira: relax with us

Holistic rest & relaxation in harmony with nature and its five elements. At Ashoka Spa at the Galo Resort Hotel on Madeira, we combine different massage techniques, energy, and beauty treatments in harmony with the forces of nature. With fire to ignite your senses, the sea to open wide the expanses, the air and space to your soul in flight, and the earth to give you a solid firmament, come to Madeira to enjoy our comprehensive treatment programme for the wellness of your body and soul.

Madeira Wellness Hotel

5 elements for your relaxation

Our sauna offers fire, our beauty treatments offer water, our massages offer earth, and our peels and body scrubs offer air and space. Before each treatment, you will be enveloped in a spray of spring water with healing stones and the essential oils associated with the respective element. After this welcome ritual, the chosen treatment will take place. A final sound ritual eases you out from your treatment

Madeira Wellness Hotel

Our wellness hotel on Madeira leaves nothing to be desired

Our resorts are idyllically situated on the southern coast of Madeira. The cliffs offer unique views of the sea. Christiano Ronaldo International Airport in Funchal is just a short drive away. The Galo Resort Hotels offer a unique and exciting wellness holiday on Madeira, including the use of its private ocean beach. The gorgeous spa with various saunas and a unique sports complex provide the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your stay right on the Atlantic Ocean.

An overview of the spa treatments on offer at the Galo Resort Hotel on Madeira can be found here: