Ayurveda online consultation

Ayurveda online consultation in cooperation with "Moksha Ayurveda"

Let Nathalie, the founder of Moksha Ayurveda, personally guide you through the world of Ayurveda – she will support you from the initial consultation to postliminary procedures after your cure and in everyday life. Find out how you can optimise your health and restore your inner balance – all from the comfort of your own home.
Ayurveda-Onlineberatung mit der Ayurveda-Expertin Nathalie Moukom
Nathalie Azkue Moukom brings a profound expertise in Ayurvedic medicine, strengthened by a Master in Ayurvedic Medicine (MSc.) and a decade of experience in this holistic science. As a mother of three children, she has dedicated her life to spreading and teaching Ayurveda.

Since 2014, Nathalie has been part of the family-run Ashoka Ayurveda Treatment Centre on Madeira Island, Portugal. She also founded her own Ayurveda Retreat, Moksha Ayurveda, on Mallorca in 2021.

Nathalie’s mission and dharma is to share her love and dedication for Ayurveda and to pass on this holistic knowledge of life to others. She accompanies people on their personal self-healing journey, which she finds very enriching. Discover our new online consultation services with Nathalie and be inspired by her expertise and passion for Ayurveda.

“Ayurveda teaches you to reawaken the innate knowledge of who you really are and to adapt it to your individual needs. It is about uncovering and unfolding your very own nature and the connectedness that each of us carries within us.”

Nathalie Azkue Moukom

Consultation offers

General consultation| 60 Min - 110 €

Consultation in preparation for an Ayurveda cure | 90 Min - 165 €

Further information

An Ayurvedic health consultation is also recommended as a supplement for the following:

  • menstrual disorders (amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, PMS)
  • fertility, conscious conception, pre & postpartum
  • digestive problems
  • intolerances
  • allergies
  • weight loss or weight gain
  • immune system
  • skin problems
  • sleep disorders
  • cleansing & detoxification
  • menopause
  • prevention

Consultation after the cure

Follow-up consultation | 90 Min - 165 €

Additional appointment - 75 €

Pre- & follow-up consultation - 300 €

Ayurveda-Onlineberatung mit der Ayurveda-Expertin Nathalie Moukom

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