Ayurveda training: learn Ayurvedic massage & treatment methods

Want to learn more about Ayurveda? Do you enjoy receiving Ayurvedic massages and treatments? Would you like to share the gift of healing with others? Explore the depths of Ayurvedic knowledge with our Ayurveda physicians and learn massage techniques first-hand from our specialists who gladly share their expertise and experience. After successfully completing Ayurveda training, you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in an internship at one of our centres and maybe even work with us as a treatment specialist yourself.

Ayurveda Ausbildung

We offer the following Ayurveda training seminars on Madeira:

Ayurvedic Massage 

Intensive training in authentic, expert Ayurvedic massages. Learn how oils are used as part of Ayurvedic treatments. 

Ayurveda Treatment Specialist 

Advanced training for Ayurvedic massage practitioners in special Ayurvedic treatment methods. 

Ayurveda: Cosmetics and Beauty Care 

Training in the basics of traditional Ayurvedic beauty treatments and concepts through gentle oil massages, skin and hair care, as well as Ayurvedic cosmetics with anti-ageing effects. 

Ayurveda Basics 

Practical-orientated training which lays the foundations for various Ayurveda training concepts and also helps you better understand your own body. Learn to better understand your own body and personality in order to live as intended by nature. Take charge of your health and quality of life.

Individual seminars 

All massage techniques can also be taught separately and on an individual basis. 


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