Ashokas Partner

Only the best and purest for you 

We only work with selected partners to ensure a high quality in our Ayurveda and beauty treatments. It is particularly important to us to specifically address your needs and wishes. We are guided by the Ayurvedic teaching. Accordingly, each skin type is individual. That is why we attach particular importance to pure and natural ingredients. According to the Ayurvedic basic principle: “Everything you rub on your skin should be safe enough to brush on your tongue.”

Our oils: Ayurvedic herbal oils are essential for a successful cure. That is why we use high quality oils in our treatments that we obtain from long-term partners. We attach great importance to natural processing – certified organic and regional.

Bruno Zimmer E.K .:

Bruno Zimmer is our supplier for sesame and coconut oil. The traditional family business stands for a variety of the best vegetable oils, natural food and wellness products.
The oils have been subject to strict EU BIO certification since 1997. The products are regularly checked by accredited laboratories in Germany. This ensures that only high-quality products find their way to the consumer. No raw materials are processed that have been bred with the help of modified genetic engineering.





Midgard Kalari – Markus Ludwig:

Markus Ludwig started his five-year apprenticeship in 1994 in the South Indian Kalari tradition and Ayurveda. There he met Usha, the daughter of a Kalari healer, and both founded a family as well as the “Ayurveda Kalari – Versand”. For over 15 years they have been working on producing Ayurvedic oils with European herbs based on traditional methods. They do this together with the traditional production form established by Ayurveda doctors, the AVN Group. The recipes adhere to traditional experiences, but the plants come from European organic cultivation (as far as possible) or are partly collected themself.


Extract of the oils used:
Valerian Oak Taliam: Peace and protection for the Vata Dosha
Rose Hip Milk Taliam: Coolness and strength for the Pitta Dosha
Juniper-Nettle Taliam: A dissolving, cleansing oil for the Kapha Dosha
Apple-Elderer Taliam: A nourishing, caring and warmly enveloping oil, especially for winter
Radish-Chestnut Taliam: An emollient and dissolving oil, especially for the pot with herb sachet treatments
Milk-Eibish Taliam: Nourishing coolness, especially for the head



Ayurveda Pura London:

According to Ayurvedic understanding, the skin is formed from plasma and blood, the Rasa and the Rakta Dhatu. For example, if the skin is dry and cracked, the plasma tissue (Rasa Dhatu) is not healthy. It is also important to assign a person to one of the three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. In order to reconcile these tridoshas, the London-based brand Ayurveda Pura London produces the “Holistic Essentials” skin care range. The founder Dr. Deepa Apte launched the Ayurveda Pura brand in London in 2003 – and has already received numerous awards for its products.




Pharmos Natur:

Nature that works. That is the credo of the German brand Pharmos Natur. The Green Luxury Brand has always relied on the power of Aloe Vera organic juice. Instead of water, the reason: While many natural cosmetic brands contain up to 80% sterilized water, the lively aloe vera juice carries the active ingredients deep into the skin. Pharaos Natur also relies on other natural ingredients such as moringa, cranberry or papaya seeds. Because one thing is certain: Mother Earth provides us humans with everything we need.