Our Concept: Ayurveda Holidays in Europe 

Just a few hours by air from mainland Europe, the Ashoka Ayurveda Treatment Centre on Madeira has been offering its guests personalised treatment programmes based on traditional teachings and healing methods since 2011. Ayurvedic medicine does not focus on the disease, but on the person as a whole. Our treatment centre in Madeira offers you a loving, attentive atmosphere where physicians and treatment specialists provide you during your Ayurveda holidays with expert advice and treatments sensitive to your needs and wishes.

„The declared aim of our treatment center is that our guests regain mental and physical strength with the help of Ayurveda cures and treatments.“

Birgit Moukom, Founder

Why Ayurveda Holidays in Europe?

Our experience has shown that Ayurveda holidays in Europe are often preferable to those offered in India. For Europeans, the process is more familiar in general. We adhere to Western quality standards, while using certified Ayurvedic medicines and local herbs and food. Our two Indian doctors from Kerala, trained in Ayurvedic medicine, provide comprehensive medical support throughout the entire course of treatment. Our goal is not to mimic a distant culture, but instead to translate it and apply its principles to our own opportunities and insights here in Europe.

Ayurveda Kur Europa

The Whole Year: Ayurveda Holidays in Europe – Individually Tailored to your Needs

In Ayurveda, the goal is not only to become healthy, but also to stay healthy. With its extensive herbal medicine and nutritional science, it offers a preventive approach to harmonize and keep body, mind and soul in harmony. Therefore, in addition to the classic detox treatment – Panchakarma – we also offer year-round, seasonal cures and retreats. With us you decide whether you want to revitalize, care for, relax or recharge your batteries. Our offers are suitable for this, such as special nutritional and detoxification concepts, energy medicine, advice from life coaches, but also treatments by Indian Ayurveda doctors and naturopaths.


Ayurveda online consultation

Our consultation packages offer individual and personal support before and after your Ayurveda cure.

Nutrition as an Important Pillar

For us, a cure is always based on the pillars of treatments, yoga and a balanced diet. Our kitchen therefore emphasizes freshly prepared, regional, seasonal and vegetarian ingredients. The basic requirement for a successful cure is to be in harmony with the three bioenergies (Kapha, Vata and Pitta). Accordingly, at least one meal a day should represent all flavors. In Ayurveda this is called a Tridosha meal, which is right for every constitution type. And exactly this one you can get at Ashoka Ayurveda Treatment Center.

Ayurveda Kur Europa

Enjoy authentic Ayurveda offers on Madeira - just a few hours flight away

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