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Traditional Ayurveda on Madeira

This treatment programme will be individually tailored to you and your holistic personal care. Due to many years of experience it has shown that Ayurvedic treatment is a special, very individual experience for every person.

The treatment is accompanied by daily yoga classes as well as other program items on the topics of Ayurveda, nutrition and meditation. You can find our current weekly program here. 



We Serve a Variety of Offers for Every Need

Depending on your current situation, age, and health condition, this treatment will cause a profound process of becoming aware of your body and give you new insights into your life. Together we will choose the right treatment for your needs and sensitivities. You will find a detailed description to our program and prices in the download link at the bottom. You can find an overview of the treatments we offer in our Treatment Manual.

Panchakarma: Ayurveda Detox Treatment

Duration: from 10 treatment days
Time period: all Year
Price: 183.- € per day, accommodation and Ayurveda full board is not included

The classic Ayurvedic cleansing treatment is designed to rid all the toxins, chemical and drug residues from your body tissues. This treatment is the best prevention against diseases as well as one of the best treatments for countering the effects of ageing. The cleanse helps to activate and strengthen your body’s power to heal itself, especially from chronic diseases.

Intensive Ayurveda Treatment for the Musculoskeletal System with the Help of the Marma-Therapy Kalari

Duration: from 6 treatment days
Time period: All Year
Price: 177.- € per day, accommodation and Ayurveda full board is not included

Ayurveda is optimally supplemented with Kalari therapy, which dissolves blockages and tensions on the myofascial level. The treatment is particularly suitable for relaxing your body cavities and the organs they contain so that they have more space to function more dynamically. This treatment can reduce pelvic and abdominal pain. Work on the chest area will make breathing easier and deeper, reduce pressure on the heart, and help you have more restful sleep. Working on the organs of the head and face helps your entire system becomes clearer, freer, and more relaxed, which also reduces the intensity of migraine attacks. All in all, Kalari therapy reduces pressure and stress in the spine and joints, which in turn has a lasting positive effect on posture, flexibility, and vitality.

Rasayana: Ayurveda Relaxation Treatment

Duration: from 6 treatment days
Time period: All Year
Price: 108.- € per day, accommodation and Ayurveda full board is not included

Rasayana is the Sanskrit word for “rejuvenation”. It is designed to help your body relax and recuperate. The finely tuned treatments serve the body’s regeneration and mental balance, focused on your physical and emotional well-being.

Ayurveda Kur Madeira

Ayurveda Strengthening for Stress Management

Duration: from 13 treatment days
Time period: All Year
Price: 207.- € per day, accommodation and Ayurveda full board is not included

This special treatment strengthens your mental and psychological power and revitalizes your body, mind and soul. We include the cleansing treatment because it is necessary to strengthen your physical constitution, with targeted mental coaching, holistic kinesiology, meditation, breathing techniques, systematic therapy and hypnotherapy. This treatment is good for crisis situations, excess stress, or a sense of hopelessness and will help you to set and achieve new goals.



Duration: from 10 treatment days
Time period: All Year
Price: 225,40 € per day, accommodation and Ayurveda full board is not included

Together with Dr. Harsha Gramminger, we have developed a new programme to reduce Long Covid symptoms and strengthen the immune system. The basis of the programme is our Immune Booster Kur. According to Ayurveda, 80% of the immune system is located in the digestive tract. By strengthening it, the body can reactivate its self-healing powers. We also focus on strengthening the blood circulation in the body, preventing sleep and concentration disorders and improving the oxygen supply in the body.

Part of the programme are therefore daily, private yoga therapy sessions focusing on pranayama and asanas to open the chest, as well as a total of 23 Ayurvedic treatments (depending on length of stay/base 10 days) to strengthen the immune system and increase vital energy.

An excursion into the wonderful nature of Madeira – for forest bathing – rounds off the programme. The whole programme is, as usual, holistically supervised by our Ayurveda doctors.


Ayurveda Weekend Treatment

Duration: Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon
Time period: All Year
Price: 250,- € , accommodation and Ayurveda full board is not included

Relax with all your senses. What better way to spend a weekend? Immerse yourself in the world of warm oils and fragrant spices. Increase the energy and quality of your life with sensitive Ayurvedic massages, yoga, qijong, and individual dietary advice.

Ayurveda Day Treatment

Duration: 1 Day
Time period: All Year
Price: 155.- €

Treat yourself to a relaxing short break and let us spoil you for a day. Our programme includes an introductory talk, Abhyanga oil massage, Ayurveda body massage (head, back or feet), Svedana ayurvedic sauna, Ayurveda lunch, and tasty herbal teas.

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