Philosophy: the holistic approach behind our Ayurvedic treatments

Ashoka is the Sanskrit word for “free from worry”. Someone who is ashoka is free enough to give pleasure to others. Ashoka is being, knowledge, and bliss. That’s why we chose this name, because our guests have been experiencing joy and happiness with our treatments and our care since 2007.

Holistic wellness and authentic Ayurvedic treatments

Our spas and treatment centres are found in unique and beautiful locations. They specialise in the 5 elements of nature, traditional knowledge, teaching, and healing. To achieve our goal of rediscovering the true nature of our self, we work with the ancient healing art of Ayurveda. According to the truth that the quality of our lives shapes the quality of our health, it is time to live in harmony with nature, which will accelerate our personal growth.
Holistic wellness in sync with lifestyle-enhancing, fun, and complementary aids is available to all who want to imbue their lives with happiness and peace.

Ayurveda Behandlung

„I have been working in alternative medicine and psychology since 1998. During my work with others, I developed a vision of a healing centre where I could work with a wide variety of specialists to help people recover and sustain their health.“

Birgit Moukom, Owner

Ayurvedic treatment in unique European locations

The quiet and restful environment of the Ashoka spas, treatment, and therapy centres is conducive to healing and personal transformation. A wide range of possibilities await you here. Group retreats and health programmes that cover every aspect of life provide different levels of experiences.

We believe that real well-being goes beyond a great massage. With us, you decide whether you want to invigorate, nurture, relax, or recharge your batteries.

Enjoy our Ayurveda offerings at one of our locations.