Alcoholism and addiction treatment support on Madeira

The iceberg of alcoholism can run under the surface for a long time and remain hidden from oneself and those around you. It’s only later that drinking habits start causing problems or reap criticism. At our Ashoka Therapy Centre on Madeira, there’s no need to worry or fear judgement. Our employees are trained to guide you through such crises.

Our holistic therapeutic approach to treating alcoholism

Our team will devise an individual treatment programme just for you, consisting of individual and group therapies, body and creative therapies, detox treatments, Ayurvedic treatments, as well as relaxation techniques and meditation.

Alkoholsucht Therapie

Remain anonymous: alcoholism and addiction therapy for self-payers

Because we don’t involve your insurance company, everything we offer is confidential. If you use your insurance coverage, this fact will be kept on file by the insurance companies for years to come.

Instead, we offer treatment at our beautiful Ashoka Therapy Centre on Madeira. Get in touch and allow us to advise you on your next steps. We will gladly create a personal offer for you.

Alcoholism treatment sessions at Ashoka Therapy Centre on Madeira:

In our Ashoka Therapy Center we have availability for addiction treatment from the 6th of January 2019 onwards. Just book your desired appointment.

Alkoholsucht Therapie

Interested in learning more about treating alcoholism on Madeira? Make a non-binding, confidential enquiry today.

Use our contact form to make a non-binding enquiry to find the optimal offerings for your health and your schedule. We will check the current availability and send an individual offer.

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