Our concept: Your Yoga Retreat On Madeira / Portugal

Retreats go back to the beginnings of Buddhism and are a planned time secluded away from everyday life. It serves as time for inner contemplation and reflection on oneself and the things that are really important in life. The term has evolved over the centuries and, in the wellness movement, it is now more than just meditating silently by oneself, but also includes like-minded people coming together as a group to exchange and realign themselves in beautiful locations.

Our Yoga Retreat on Madeira – Eventful & Inspiring!

Yoga and Ayurveda form an inseparable unit. Both philosophies have the goal to bring body, mind and soul into harmony and thus to balance the doshas. It is therefore not surprising that yoga is an elementary part of an Ayurvedic treatment. Holistic healing works most efficiently in the triad of treatments and nutritional science. In our Ashoka Ayurveda treatment center we practice, in addition to one of the most important yoga practices – Surya Namaska – also Yoga Nidra – which focuses on a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping – and Sattva Chikitsa. In addition to relaxing and meditative breathing techniques, this practice is characterized by stretching the whole body in order to achieve a better alignment with the center of the body.

If you are looking for new challenges in your life, physically, mentally and spiritually, and want to live a more relaxed everyday life, you will experience an eventful, inspiring and sustainable stay in our yoga retreat on Madeira. We offer this yoga retreats on selected dates in the year in our treatment center.

Ayurveda Retreat Yoga

Your Yoga Retreat on Madeira – Including Ayurveda

Our doors for your own yoga retreat on Madeira are open not only for private individuals, but also for yoga teachers and schools. Use our dreamlike rooms for your yoga trip – look at dawn, during your exercises, on the Atlantic Ocean and learn what yoga means on Madeira.

Your group will also receive a special offer on our Ayurvedic treatments. For more insight on the retreat, click here. Contact us for more informations.

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