Current Offers at the Golf Hotel Casa Velha do Palheiro

Current Offers for External Guests:

After-Work-Spa (Daily from 5pm – 8pm)
Couple Weekend Spa (Weekends: Check-in from 2pm onwards)



Palheiro Spa Package


Weight Management with Ayurveda:

Duration: from 6 days
Period: Currently available all year round
Price: 760 euros per person


Our specialists aim to achieve and maintain healthy weight for you. The combination of the Eastern and Western healing systems serve to reduce weight with the treatments and the diet tailored to you. We work with you to develop a holistic concept that is geared towards the digestive balance and metabolic conversion and gives you practical tools to achieve a sustainable and healthy weight.



1 x constitution determination with our Ayurveda doctor
1 x nutritional and lifestyle advice
1 x final consultation with our Ayurveda doctor
2 x personal yoga training
2 x personal training in our in-house gym
6 x Ayurveda treatments for weight loss and detox



Immun Booster:

Duration: from 6 days
Period: Currently available all year round
Price: 650 euros per person


The aim of the cure is to strengthen the immune system. According to Ayurveda, 80% of it is in the digestive tract. Therefore we focus on this during the cure. The program includes extensive nutritional advice including Ayurvedic nutritional supplements, private yoga and pranayama lessons as well as individually tailored Ayurveda and cleaning treatments. A trip to the wonderful nature of Madeira – for forest bathing – rounds off the program. As usual, the whole thing is looked after holistically by our two Ayurveda doctors.



4 x Pranayama – breathing techniques and yoga
1 x constitution determination and nutritional advice
1 x with our Ayurvedic doctor
4 x special treatment to strengthen the immune system



Enjoy our Authentic Ayurveda Spa Treatments at the Golf Hotel, Casa Velha do Palheiro, on Madeira.

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