Therapy Centre Madeira

Since 2017, the Ashoka Therapy Centre has been offering treatments in very special surroundings that are characterised by the humanistic principles of mindfulness, respect, transparency, and honesty. Our basic therapeutic principle applies to all levels of your body and soul, your spirit and intellect, your family and social relations, and career.

Ayurveda Therapie

Our team will devise an individual treatment programme just for you, consisting of individual and group therapies, body and creative therapies, as well as relaxation techniques and meditation. Our therapeutic team has extensive expertise in how health and recovery work for individuals, as well as those energies that can be so disruptive for us humans. The basis of our treatments is our knowledge of Ayurvedic traditions and healing methods. These consistently shape the therapies we offer.

Ayurveda Therapie

Exclusive setting to promote lasting change

The therapy centre is located on the Quinta Santa Luzia estate. The spacious villa and its garden are full of history and charm and the ambience exudes an Old World elegance: the ideal setting for your recovery. The villa enjoys an exclusive location with incomparable views over the Bay of Funchal. The quinta is secluded, surrounded by sprawling gardens, with a separate entrance from the highway, so that you can enjoy all the amenities that the house has to offer undisturbed. In addition to breath-taking views of Funchal Bay, the quinta offers plenty of other options to restore your body, mind, and soul to harmony. These include a yoga and meditation house as well as our pool and tennis court. The house can accommodate 17 people in eight doubles and one single.

What we offer at Ashoka Therapy Centre on Madeira:

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