Our Ayurveda treatment centres in Europe

Our Ashoka Centers, founded in 2007, offer a holistic approach and give you the opportunity for a holiday focused on better health based on authentic Ayurvedic healing methods right here in Europe.With the spa and health concept we have continuously developed over the years, you will learn how to overcome the traps of stress in a lasting way and live a healthy and self-reliant life for the long term.
“The stated goal of our centres is for our guests to regain their mental and physical strength through Ayurvedic treatments.” Birgit Moukom, Owner & Founder

Our Ayurvedic treatment centres in Europe

Our offerings such as special nutrition and detoxification concepts, energy medicine, advice from life coaches, treatments by Indian Ayurvedic physicians, and alternative practitioners serve this purpose. You will be welcomed in a loving and attentive atmosphere by doctors and therapists who will advise and treat you competently and sensitively according to western quality standards. We work exclusively with certified Ayurvedic medicines and integrate domestic medicinal herbs. You will feel safe and comfortable with us right from the start.

Ayurveda Kur Europa

Ayurvedic Treatment Centre, Madeira

Our Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in Portugal lies on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean island of Madeira. The short flight, year-round moderate temperatures, and healing air of the island quickly immerse you into a holiday feeling, all without jet lag.

Enjoy Ayurvedic treatments based on ancient Indian wisdom right in the heart of Europe.