Burnout & stress treatment on Madeira

Burnout is a reaction to stress, usually work-related, that leads to a persistently negative state of mind. The symptoms that occur are primarily fatigue, tiredness, lack of motivation, lack of energy, and deep tension. With the help of our burnout treatment, you will find your way back to yourself.

Just as the causes of your burnout are unique, so is the treatment you’ll need. Restorative peace and quiet in a beautiful environment like our Ayurveda Therapy Centre on Madeira helps restore your strength so you can ask yourself “What do I want from life?” . With our help, you will quickly find out that there is more to life than just work.

Burnout Behandlung

Everything will seem different if you look at it from the necessary distance

Our concept is holistically structured. In addition to individual and group coaching, you will learn relaxation techniques that you can use. Our Ayurvedic massages will help you feel at home in your body again. You’ll learn from our Ayurveda doctors about the right diet for you and your body. You will gain deep insights into your true nature. Experience a fulfilling time with yourself, open the doors to serenity, self-confidence, and joy as the basis for a healthy, happy, and successful life.

Get in touch and allow us to advise you on your next steps. We will gladly create a personal offer for you.

Dates for burnout & stress treatment on Madeira:

In our Ashoka Therapy Center, we have availability for burnout stress treatment as of January 6, 2019. Just book your desired appointment.

Burnout Behandlung

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