Our therapies coupled with Ayurveda & comprehensive therapeutic support

Our Ashoka Therapy Centre on Madeira specialises in the therapeutic treatment of addictions and burnout

provided by experienced psychotherapist and addictions specialist Sigrid Höpken and the experienced Ashoka Ayurveda team led by Doctors Gopal and Shuba. The holistic approach of our therapies also includes the inner cleansing of your body with the help of Ayurvedic principles, with proper nutrition as an important factor in your recovery.

Ayurveda Therapien

Dr Swathy Gopal, Ayurvedic physician, on the Ashoka team since 2014

This unique concept allows you once again to lead an independent life full of joy, energy, and strength. Get the wheel of your life back under control. You are the focus during the treatments. We work with you to create a treatment and therapy plan tailored to your individual needs. In addition, Madeira offers the ideal, serene environment to relax, recharge your batteries, calm down, and start the path to recovery.

Ayurveda Therapien

Ashoka Psychotherapist Sigrid Höpken

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