About us: Your Team for Ayurvedic Medicine

Birgit Moukom

The founder of Ashoka, Birgit Moukom, obtained her qualifications at the world-renowned European Ayurveda Academy Birstein, where she studied with Ayurveda experts Rhyner and Rosenberg, among others. She gained her knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine with Indian Doctors Jeevan and Gupta. She also learned how to combine of authentic Ayurveda with Western quality standards in the course of her training. She now follows this approach at the Ashoka Centres. She also studied kinesiology at the Mathias Weber’s Institute in Oldenburg and she is an IFK certified psychological coach.

Since October 2007, she has run the Ashoka Spa at the Galo Resort Hotel on Madeira. In January 2011, she opened the holistic Ashoka Ayurveda Centre at Hotel Alpino Atlantico.

The Ashoka Team for Ayurvedic Medicine

Moukom also founded the therapy centre at Quinta Santa Luzia, Madeira with psychotherapist Sigrid Höpken. Indian physicians also trained in Ayurvedic medicine, Doctors Gopal and Shuba from Kerala, provide medical support to guests during their treatments.

The rest of the team is made up of experienced and qualified Ayurvedic therapists, yoga and qigong teachers, receptionists, and various other staff. Continuous training ensures a consistently high standard of quality.

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